Online voting using smartphone, tablet or PC

How it works

Create your questions in advance using the Quizzbox PowerPoint add-in.

Generate a unique six-digit one-time code for your event, send it to your participants in advance by email or SMS with the login URL or directly during the event via a QR code.

Choose the access scenario for your participants: anonymous, pseudonym, named personal ID, last name/first name/email.

Requirements for the online version

For the online version you need access to a 3G network (or better) or a WLAN.

You must also ensure that your participants have access to a smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC (web browser).

If that is not the case, you should opt for the Quizzbox system with wireless voting handsets.

Advantages of the online version

With smartphones or tablets, you don’t need to worry about the logistics of giving out and collecting in the voting handsets.

Organize events as in-person, online or hybrid events.

Bring together participants from different locations.

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