Transform your training courses and save time evaluating knowledge level surveys with the Quizzbox electronic voting system.

An optimized user interface for managing your training courses

One of the strengths of Quizzbox is the user interface for managing training courses. It is intuitive, easy to use and lets you set up courses with just a few clicks.

Use the Quizzbox Manager to manage your participant group and choose between anonymous and named participation. You can also add images to your list of participants and display them in the form of a seating plan during voting.

Data traceability means that all results are stored automatically and can be accessed securely at any time via the Administrator area.

Interface de gestion
Questionnaires Powerpoint

Create knowledge and opinion questions directly in your PowerPoint presentations

When you install Quizzbox on your computer, you will find a new “Quizzbox” tab in PowerPoint.

Convert your existing PowerPoint presentation into an interactive presentation in just a few clicks, or create a completely new presentation if you wish!

Participants answer the questions using Quizzbox voting handsets or via any browser on their smartphone, tablet or PC

Audiences respond to your questions using the Quizzbox voting handsets or a voting website, accessed via any browser on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

In-person participants can answer your questions via the wireless voting handsets once you have connected the USB receiver to your computer and given out the handsets. Send your online participants the personalised link to the voting page, e.g. Once they have entered the meeting code, participants can vote.

The PowerPoint-based Quizzbox voting system enables you to monitor learning progress in real time. The interactive voting system also gives you the opportunity to build on learning content and come back to any unclear points or discuss additional topics, as appropriate.

Results can be displayed in real time before being exported to an Excel file in the form of group and individual evaluations. Export templates can be tailored to your own requirements (scores, rankings of the best answers, podium positions, etc.).

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