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Digitise your trainings, courses, exams & assemblies

Voting handset, online-voting, digital registration, local consolidation of data, interfaces to your ERP system

interaction and knowledge transfer

Automation and time saving


Results in real time or in the follow-up

Safety & reliability

How it works

Thanks to Quizzbox and its simple and easy handling, you can effortlessly create an interactive PowerPoint presentation within only a few clicks.

To answer the questions, your participants can use our Quizzbox voting handset or vote online via their own smartphone/tablet. Our solution allows you to involve thousands of participants simultaneously, via voting handset and online combined.

The results are available in real time and can be exported via Excel.

Questionnaires Powerpoint
Vote hybride

Une véritable expertise dans le vote interactif

Quizzbox is the result of 20 years of research and development.

Our team of development experts has built powerful software for interactive voting with voting handsets as well as online voting via smartphone, tablet, PC/MAC.

As developers, we also offer customised services and guide you through every step of the implementation.

The Quizzbox software is suitable for all types of presentations, exam questions and question types, be it in the field of school – or university education, continuing education and training, as well as events.

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Voting devices or voting website for your corporate trainings

Your meetings, seminars and training sessions become more attractive and dynamic thanks to Quizzbox!

Through the easy handling of the Quizzbox voting handsets and website, you increase active participation immediately and involve your participants better.

You can use new or existing PowerPoint presentations with the typical animations as well as audio and video elements and expand them with interactive Quizzbox elements within just a few clicks.

The voting devices are available for rent or purchase.

Use the voting handsets for your safety briefing or training

Digitise your safety briefings, safety days and HSE-training sessions with Quizzbox.

The interactive format grants an entertaining and at the same time efficient and sustainable learning experience.

Digital voting for your exams and certifications

Quizzbox allows you to easily manage exams and certifications.

Control your exams using our intuitive solution and benefit from the user-friendly and comfortable handling, from the beginning (registration formalities) to the end (real-time results).

A protected area gives you access to all your documents, saving you valuable time on administrative matters.

You can also use the question catalogue to randomly compile sets of questions for theoretical and practical exams.

Live voting for your meetings, be it in-person, online or hybrid

Our Votebox system enables legally compliant digital voting and elections in real time at meetings of municipalities and communities, companies, and associations. Prepare votes and elections easily and quickly and let your voters participate online via the voting website or with the Votebox voting handsets, in case of an in-person meeting. Votebox offers you a reliable and innovative solution to modernise your voting- and election- modalities. Get the voting results in real time. Export the protocols directly from the system and save valuable time.

Voting Handsets for interactive quizzes in teaching

Using electronic voting devices, your pupils and students get more involved.

As a pedagogic and playful tool, Quizzbox encourages interaction and engagement of participants. Our interactive voting system, integrated in PowerPoint, can be used in both face-to-face and distance learning courses thanks to the electronic voting handsets and the voting website.

Both solutions can also be used in combination for hybrid events.

Animate your events with votes via Quizzbox voting devices or website!

Quizzbox adds a new dimension to your events!

In just a few minutes, you can connect your participants with your presentation and thus via Quizzbox increase the attention and participation of the audience.

Passive spectators become active participants.

Depending on your needs, you can let your audience participate via the Quizzbox voting handsets or their own internet-enabled device.

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