Increase student participation with our voting handsets or web app

Digitize your exams and save hours of work with the instant marking function

Your students log in anonymously or by name by entering a unique code on their voting handset or smartphone and answer the multiple choice test in real time.

At the end of the test you obtain an analysis with a single click, in less than 5 seconds.

The results can be exported in Excel format as group or individual results with all the details of the students’ responses.  

Questionnaires Powerpoint

Just one tool required - PowerPoint!

When you install Quizzbox on your computer, you will find a new Quizzbox tab in PowerPoint.

You can retain all your existing content and add question slides. By including these at appropriate points within your slide set, you can test your students, reinforce knowledge or check for understanding before you move on to the next section.

You can also start with an empty PowerPoint presentation and create new questions and content slides in the usual way.

Make your teaching more dynamic by actively engaging your students in real time

• As well as automating your multiple choice tests and reducing marking time, Quizzbox also offers real educational value.

• Set questions at the start of a lesson to check what students have remembered from the previous lesson.

• During the lesson, use multiple choice questions to consolidate core topics and revisit a previous point before moving on.

• At the end of the lesson or lecture, the questions can be used to check that students have fully taken on board the content.

Question types, display of results and weighting of scores

Quizzbox offers various types of questions:

  • Opinion question
  • Word cloud question
  • Single-choice question
  • Multiple-choice question
  • Ranking question
  • Numerical question
  • Team question

Using your moderator remote control, you can display various types of results in real time:
  • Overall results as a percentage
  • Points per student/team
  • Response time per student/team
  • Winners’ podium

Quizzbox offers a system that is optimized for weighting and scoring and meets all your requirements.

Stockage des données et interface de gestion

Toutes vos classes seront à créer une seule fois pour l’année et sont modifiables à tout moment. Elles peuvent être importées directement depuis votre ENT.

Sur cette interface de gestion associée à la classe, vous retrouverez la liste de vos élèves/étudiants ainsi que l’ensemble de vos questionnaires.

Interface de gestion

Ils utilisent quizzbox éducation pour transmettre et construire le savoir chez leurs élèves et étudiants

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