Quizzbox voting handsets

How do the wireless voting handsets work?

Once you have prepared your questions directly in your PowerPoint presentation, you can get your audience involved via the Quizzbox wireless voting handsets!

The way they work is simple: connect the USB wireless receiver to your computer, give out the voting handsets, on either a named or anonymous basis, as required, and start your presentation.

Whenever you show a question slide, participants choose the answer(s) on the keypad and confirm their choice with the appropriate confirmation button.

The selected answers, the signal strength and confirmation that the response has been registered are displayed on an LCD screen.

Advantages of our wireless voting handsets

Our wireless voting handsets are very easy to use and allow all participants, regardless of age or familiarity with technical devices, to answer your questions. In this way, you can involve your entire audience, without excluding anyone!

The voting handsets can communicate with the associated wireless receiver over a distance of 30 metres. This means that you can run your event without an internet connection and use the Quizzbox solution wherever you like.

To go one step further

The advantages of wireless voting handsets are obvious. But, they can only be used at in-person events and cannot generate text responses.  

That is why we have developed the Quizzbox voting website (web app), to integrate more functions and meet all your needs. 

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