More efficient safety briefings and occupational safety courses with electronic voting

Improve the efficiency and learning outcomes of your safety training

Quizzbox allows you to digitise your safety briefings, helping new employees, visitors and service providers engage better with your procedures.

Participants can answer questions during your safety briefing via the easy-to-use voting handset or web app.

You can generate an evaluation of the results from Quizzbox in just a few clicks, in the form of group or individual results, as required.

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Guaranteed traceability of your data

All results are stored automatically in a storage location of your choice (locally or in a cloud system).

You can access the data from your safety briefings at any time:

  • (named) participant list
  • individual or group results
  • final score
  • attendance list

Quizzbox makes it easier to retain learning content

How can you be sure that participants have taken on board your safety instructions?

Using our voting handsets or the online voting website, participants select their responses and confirm their choice.

The results are available immediately, so you can check learning outcomes and clarify uncertainties where necessary.

Deliver content in any language

Knowledge level surveys are created in PowerPoint, so they can be prepared in any language. In this way, you can tailor tests and content to your individual needs.

Do you have specific requirements? We offer customized solutions.

At Quizzbox we have more than 20 years’ experience in developing voting solutions, and we already have lots of expertise in the area of safety briefings and HSEQ.

We have been implementing bespoke projects for our customers for a number of years now. Our development and project team is on hand to analyse your requirements and support you throughout the implementation of your project.

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