Integration of Quizzbox in Powerpoint

Start with a new PowerPoint presentation or add existing content!

After installing Quizzbox on your computer, an extra “Quizzbox” tab appears in PowerPoint in the menu bar.

Whether you start with an empty presentation or with an existing PowerPoint file, you can add interactive slides in just a few clicks. Select the “New Question” function in the Quizzbox tab to add a new question slide.

Simply select the question type (e.g. knowledge or opinion question) and define the answer options (e.g. single/multiple, numerical, etc.). Save your PowerPoint presentation and start it. Then, whenever you show a corresponding slide, participants can answer the questions in your presentation via the voting handset or their smartphone/tablet/PC.

Questionnaires Powerpoint

Question types

You can create different types of questions, as required.

  • Single-choice question
  • Multiple-choice question
  • Numerical question
  • Opinion question
  • Sorting question
  • Word cloud
  • Team question

Displaying results

You can display various types of results at any time during your presentation:

  • Percentage of right and wrong answers
  • Individual score
  • Display as a bar chart or pie chart
  • Display in the form of a winners’ podium, as a horse race or as a group podium.
Questionnaires Powerpoint

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