Liven up your event with our solution of voting handsets and online voting with smartphones

Are you planning an event? Liven it up with Quizzbox!

Within only a few minutes you can install QuizzBox and add a new dynamic to your event with just a few clicks.

Connect the wireless receiver to your computer and distribute the voting devices amongst the audience, or let your participants vote via their own smartphone.

Start your PowerPoint presentation and you’re ready to go!

Vote hybride

Connect thousands of participants !

The hybrid voting solution enables you to use voting devices and smartphones or tablets simultaneously during your event.

  • Involve your audience
  • Hold the attention
  • Lighten the mood with quiz questions
  • Encourage exchange between presenters and participants
  • Hold attention
  • Gauge opinions, expectations, and satisfaction
  • Display the results in real time

Approach your event with complete serenity, QuizzBox will support you in planning, preparation and, if desired, also in implementation.

Our team is at your disposal to adapt our solutions to your needs and is committed to the complete success of your event.

Discover our “Premium” offer that will allow you to look forward to your event with complete serenity:

  • Together we discuss and analyse your needs in order to offer you the appropriate service.
  • Presentations and slides configured by us especially for you.
  • Day of the event: On-site support for your event by one of our expert technicians. We ensure the smooth running of the voting process during your event.
  • Distribution of voting devices and electronic signature/attendance list
  • Voting by name with identification through registration when the devices are handed out
  • Automatic storage and consolidation of all voting data
  • After the event, you will receive a report in Excel format containing and, if necessary, highlighting the important data of your event.

The Standard Quizzbox rental is

  • Quizzbox software integrated with PowerPoint for intuitive quiz design
  • Support at every step and remote assistance from our project manager
  • User guides, video tutorials and training webinars
  • An instructor remote control to facilitate and simplify your intervention
  • Voting devices in a pleasant design and are easy to use
  • Quizzbox Online session codes if you want participants to answer with their smartphone or tablet
  • Live results after each question, available in Excel format as reports at the end of your intervention

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